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  1. Fix / Complete Zapier Integration

    We choose this platform specifically for it's Zapier integration.

    However, it is missing critical components:

    Break button doesn't trigger a clock in/out event...this is the biggest problem. Also, I cannot disable the break button functionality, and it doesn't work like it should (like a clock out/in)...so I absolutely cannot ensure consistency with an integrated app, at all.

    Manual Time card entry addition also does not trigger events...creates the same issue.

    Then things that are just plain missing, like 'Create Schedule Entry' action.

    It's great that you guys are working on connectors, but if they're not complete enough to even force…

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    Hey there, thanks for providing feedback and providing and area for others to do so as well.

    The Zapier integration is super powerful and definitely something we would love to improve as more and more people make use of it. With limited work time and lots of ideas, we prioritize all suggestions with the most traction and support. With great support, this idea will become one of our upcoming feature releases, so please keep voting!

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3rd Party Integrations with ClockShark


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