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    Thank you for sharing your idea, and allowing folks to have a forum to support and vote for it. We prioritize all suggestions with the most traction and support.

    Great suggestions spread like wildfire. With enthusiastic support, this idea will become one of our upcoming feature releases, so please keep voting. :)

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    Matt commented  · 

    I need to be able to add an additional charge to job for that particular day.
    Here's my preferred setup:

    * Admin
    A new "Materials" Admin page would have a list of predefined "Materials" similar to how "Tasks" are presented in the Admin section.
    Each "Material" would have a "price per unit", "description/notes", and a checkbox for "Allow employees to adjust price". This checkbox would allow the employee to modify the unit price upon adding it to the job.
    The Admin "Materials" area would also have a checkbox "Allow employees to enter custom materials". This would enable employees to enter materials on-the-fly in case it is not already in the predefined list.

    In the Admin => Employees area, there would be a checkbox within individual employee details screen "Allow adding Materials to job".

    * Employees / App
    If the employee has "Allow adding Materials to job" option enabled, a new button in the "Time Clock" area of the app would be visible: "Materials".
    Employees would click the "Materials" button to view a list of materials that have already been to the job they are currently clocked in to. Clicking one of the materials items in that list would allow the employee to edit those details - the same screen as "Add/Edit Materials" (below).

    In the "Add/Edit Materials" screen there would be 5 fields: Material, Description/Notes, No. of Units, Price and Total.
    The employee would choose from their predefined Materials list (or choose "Custom" and type the material name - if that option is enabled).
    The "units" field would defaul to "1" but the employee would modify as required.
    The "description/notes" field would be editable (but default to what was already predefined in the Admin area).
    The unit Price would default to the predefine price for that material and be an editable field.
    The Total field would not be editable and display the calculation of "unit" x "price". It would dynamically update when either "Units" or "Price" fields are modified. This field would just be for display and need to be stored.
    The Price and Total would NOT be visible unless that product had the "Allow employees to adjust price" option enabled.

    * Time Sheets
    Material would be treated and displayed the same as the employees. ie. "Materials" would be visible at the bottom of the employees listed down the left side. Any jobs with materials added would be visible within that day. Similarly, when viewing "By Job" any materials would be visible under that job within that day.
    "Export to QuickBooks" button would export the materials so they would be shown along with any time-based activity for that day, and invoiced as you normally would.

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    We’ll send you updates on this idea

    5 comments  ·  ClockShark Website » Other/General  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Thanks for sharing this idea on the Voting Page, Abena. Adding features that allow customers to interact with ClockShark is a visionary idea, and one that customers continue to ask for. Let’s let folks vote for this suggestion so we can consider adding it in a future update.

    Matt supported this idea  · 

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