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    Ronan Ryan commented  · 

    The system needs to automatically log you in to a job once you’re inside a geo-fence then automatically log you out once you leave.

    Clockshark could ask you for what task you’re doing once you enter the fence, though you would already have a default one set up in the system in case they don’t respond to the request. ClockShark could play an audible reminder sound once every few minutes after you enter the geo-fence just for the simple request what task you’re doing but it already started tracking the time once you entered the fence. If no response by the time you leave the geo-fence it’s just assigned it to a default task.

    On top of that you can have the time that the employee is not inside a geo-fence automatically assigned to travel time between jobsites. Currently sometimes my employees forget to log out of the site before getting to the next site and then they login from there and the time that they spent on the previous site is no longer accurate . On top of that not being able to easily assign travel time groups the travel time with different sites making those sites time logs not nearly as accurate as well . it’s imperative to have accurate logs for liability purposes, so I can go back and see the exact time I entered the side and exited the site. Currently with the system that it is they’re not accurate enough for me to be confident in those times because of the continuous daily errors from employees which are very hard to avoid when you have so many actions to remember per day. With the system that is right now and with only 15 job sites per crew, a crew leader needs to remember to log in to each site and log out and log in to travel time between sites... that is 45 total actions per day with 15 jobs. Nobody ever gets it right 45 times a day.

    You guys had this feature this would be the ultimate time tracking app !

    Ronan Ryan supported this idea  · 

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